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So excited to share this!!!

July 1, 2014 • Parenting

Hey everyone, I have some very exciting news to share with you (at least I think so!) After a year of working on the Chad Becomes Dad site I have expanded and created a brand new website dedicated not just to my experience in fatherhood but now to all dads. My podcast partner Paul &… Read More ›

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The First 24 Hours… What Could Go Wrong?


Whining, crying, throwing up, a long sleepless first night, and that was just from the dog. The first 24 hours home with Baby Wyatt were as eventful as advertised. While we expected a long sleepless night, changing dirty diapers, nursing, and lots of cuddling little Wyatt, what we didn’t expect was for Blazer (our dog)… Read More ›

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Time, The Magical Vanishing Act


It’s said “time is relative.” No, I’m not talking about the theory of relativity right now, that’s WAY too complex for a mind that’s operated on six hours of sleep a night for the past three months.  I mean the fact time simply has the ability to disappear, slip away, and vanish without us knowing, and… Read More ›

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Car Seat Is The Best Seat


The day has arrived! No, not Baby, he’s still warming nicely. The other big day is here. There are many things that help you feel like Baby is not too far around the corner. Getting the nursery put together, crib assembly, baby showers, the panic that you won’t get it all done in time. They… Read More ›

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Wyatt Gets Tummy Time


Starting to get more tummy time and really liking it! No more fussing when we roll him over!! And a little time to hang out with Blazer.

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