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Time, The Magical Vanishing Act

December 18, 2013

It’s said “time is relative.” No, I’m not talking about the theory of relativity right now, that’s WAY too complex for a mind that’s operated on six hours of sleep a night for the past three months.  I mean the fact time simply has the ability to disappear, slip away, and vanish without us knowing, and… Read More ›

Sleep, Oh Glorious Sleep, Where Art Thou?

It’s no secret. Parents of newborns are nothing but sleep deprived mammals running on carbo loaded foods and adrenalin. You hear the stories, know the facts, yet somehow still convince yourself, “no, my child will be different, he’s gonna wanna sleep and let mom and dad get their rest.” Delusional parenting starts from the very… Read More ›

The First 24 Hours… What Could Go Wrong?

Whining, crying, throwing up, a long sleepless first night, and that was just from the dog. The first 24 hours home with Baby Wyatt were as eventful as advertised. While we expected a long sleepless night, changing dirty diapers, nursing, and lots of cuddling little Wyatt, what we didn’t expect was for Blazer (our dog)… Read More ›

Hello World, I’ve Arrived!

Who knew exhaustion could be this wonderful?  I mean look at these photos, it doesn’t get better than this!  It’s been a long road to get here, but we are home, happy, and thrilled to welcome little Wyatt into our lives! As I’ve posted before our little man was due on September 5th, and we… Read More ›

Oh, By The Way, I’m Running A Little Late

It’s what I imagine Christmas being like if Santa was running a little late. All decked out in your Christmas onesie, the tree lights on, carols playing in the background, and freshly fallen snow blanketing the yard outside. Everyone gathering around the tree when suddenly you see it, a little note hanging from the bough… Read More ›

Raising Baby In A Digital World

As a soon to be parent there is nothing more exciting and terrifying in the digital age we live in.  On one level there’s an opportunity to share, document, and enjoy your newborn in a way our parents could have never dreamed.  Every first step, first word, first anything can be captured in real time… Read More ›

How Long Do You Wait To Post Newborn Photo Online?

I couldn’t help but notice this article today about how long it takes new parents to post a photo of their newborn to Facebook.  It’s no secret Facebook has become nearly as ubiquitous as air these days, posting about relationships, food, vacations, and all other aspects of our lives.  So naturally, it’s the first place… Read More ›

Go…Go…Go. Wait, Don’t Forget The Bag

“Go Team.”  Has a flashy ring to it doesn’t it? You know, the team assembled, bags packed, and ready to go at a moments notice.  Once the phone rings, the alarm sounds, or the lights go off, they’re ready to be whisked half way around the world and air drop into some dangerous forest with… Read More ›

Kids Cost How Much? I’m Gonna Need To Sit Down.

Making the rounds in the news today is a report that shows the cost of raising a child has grown 23% since 1960, even adjusted for inflation. Nurse, can you please bring out shock paddles? This is getting a lot of play both over the air on TV & radio but is also spreading like… Read More ›

Nesting…When Did That Happen?

They call it nesting, the irresistible urge to prepare your house before baby arrives. I’d like it to announce itself, maybe ring the doorbell and say, “Good afternoon, I’m in the neighborhood and planning on staying awhile so just thought you’d like to know.” But amazingly that’s not the case, it creeps up on you,… Read More ›

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