Fatherhood at its finest…kinda

New Year…What A Year It Was!

It was exactly one year ago today, our lives changed forever.

1:09pm to be exact.

It was at that moment we looked down and saw the two blue lines that would forever change our world in the most amazing way, when discovered we were pregnant.

Pregnancy Test 1

Our first pregnancy test. The line was so faint we weren’t sure.

The line was so faint, we actually weren’t sure.

We stared at it for minutes asking each other, ‘what do you think?’ ‘I’m not sure, I think that’s a line.  Do you think that’s enough of a line?’  ‘I don’t know, it looks like one.’  We went back and forth for about five minutes like that, all the while just staring at the plastic piece sitting on the counter.

So…we took another.  It solidified any questions we had.

Pregnancy Test 2

Yep, this answers it. We’re pregnant.

Talk about a way to start a new year!

Now one year later, we have the most amazing 3 1/2 month old boy and more love to share than ever imaginable!

New Year's Day Tummy Time

New Year’s Day 2014

To think how your life changes in the course of a year, we only need to look to last night.  Ringing in 2013 was spent in what could be considered “traditional” for a young couple.  Celebrating with other couples at a friends house, watching the ball drop in NYC at midnight and celebrating into the wee hours of the morning.  Looking at photos from that night show it was a celebration to remember, if not a bit foggy…and no I’m not posting them. 😉

Ringing in 2014 was only slightly different.  Last night as we put Wyatt down to bed at 8pm, neighbors were launching mortar rocket fireworks into the sky, enraging us at each explosion with the threat of waking him up.  As the green, gold, and red mini firework display grew more colorful and more frequent at midnight, exploding over the house, Wifey became more and more colorful with her description of our neighbors.

And thus began what I’m sure will be many “visits” as a parent, to say to some complete stranger, “shhhhh, the baby is sleeping!”  At about 12:20am I slipped on the closest pair of pants I could find, dug a shirt out of the dresser and stumbled over to the neighbors to politely ask they stop illuminating the neighborhood with the sound of a tank firing rounds over our home.  Conveniently they were “all done” with their celebratory tribute to the new year.   Happy New Year to us!

In the span of a year we’ve gone from midnight revelers to East Coast New Year celebrators, and nothing could be more perfect.  In fact, our hosts from last year, now proud parents themselves.

A year can bring you so many things, and as I think back to a year ago today, I could have never imagined what 2013 would hold in store.  Now, just a few hours into 2014 I’m more excited than ever before to watch our little guy grow as he getting bigger and stronger each day.

May the new year hold as much joy and excitement for you as it does for us.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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