Fatherhood at its finest…kinda


He's here!

He’s here!

About me?  Well, my name is Chad and I am the Chad behind the dad.

I’m a former TV journalist embarking on this new experience called fatherhood and so far it’s been amazing.  Yes, there’s pooping, peeing on the wall, spit up, no sleep, and the occasional blowout (it can get nasty,) but there’s also smiles, hugs, laughs and moments that just make everything melt away.

I started this blog with about seven weeks until Baby arrived to get my feet wet.  Here’s my first ever post, kinda like a trip down memory lane and a little more background on me.  I’m often writing between naps, errands, and whatever else is needed to keep the house running so forgive the spelling errors (I promise I proof read,) the long winded essays, and anything else that screams “exhausted first time parent.”

I hope to offer tips, tales, and let you know you’re not alone, no matter how strange or crazy the ride may be.

I hope you enjoy and please feel free to drop me a line here.  Come along and let’s enjoy the ride.



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