Fatherhood at its finest…kinda

It Takes A Village To Fly Solo…Even If Only For A Few Days

I‘m about to be a single dad.

Fun in the Snow

This week, Wifey is on her first business trip since the little one was born and that means her first time away from him alone and my first time with him (overnight) on my own.  It’s just a few days and we’re already experiencing severe panic attacks and indigestion.  That could be from our sleepless nights, but I’m going with attachment issues.

On a daily basis I’m in charge in the afternoons.  My work schedule is such that I have the afternoons available to play, feed, and hang out with my little dude.  It’s great daddy son time that I cherish.  During that time I’m the sole caretaker and ready to pounce on anything he needs.  Dirty diaper?  I’m on it.  Feeding?  I’ve got that bottle ready to go in my holster.  Change of clothes?  I can swap onesies in record time.  Spit up?  I call the dog over.

This daddy also is in charge of dinner at night.  Which is great because if I were in charge of the laundry, we’d be living off the sniff test.  At least with our current arrangement that same test works to our advantage.  1st CerealSo with all the benefits of spending such great time together in the afternoon, comes the downside of turning in early.  Yes, my 5 month old son and I have the same geriatric bedtime.  This leaves the nightly bedtime routine to my wonderful wife and she’s got it down pat.  Jammies, bed time story, feeding, and off to sleep, at least for a few hours before waking up the entire house wearing his cranky pants and crying.  We’re working on that last part.  If you’ve got tips, share them below!!!!!

But this week, all of that will be left up to me.  And that’s where our village comes in.  We have wonderful child care during the day, but afterword it’s up to me to choreograph his nightly routine, until Grandma arrives.  See with me checking into work early in the morning, someone needed to keep a watchful eye (though more likely gonna hear him first) over our little one.  So she’s packing it up and moving in for a few days, taking the night watch.

She’s been warned about the midnight wake ups and the crying fits, and she’s seen the zombie like look in our eyes after a rough night.  But she’s on board ready to sooth him back to his slumber at a moments notice.  I’m convinced there’s something about Grandparents that makes them immune to the stress, tiredness, and exhaustion of grandchildren.  I’ll look forward to that feeling one day…way, way, down the road.  No MTV shows for this guy.

There’s no way I (we) could make weeks like this happen without our village.  And while my flying solo will only last a few days, I know it’s even harder on Wifey who will be away from her little man, away from his nighttime cuddling, away from his smiles, and his laughter.  Which makes us all the more thankful for our village and FaceTime.


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