Fatherhood at its finest…kinda

Pack ‘n Play On!

I have some very important and breaking news!

I have assembled the Pack ‘n Play.  Yes, I hear the applause streaming in over the internet.  In fact, I feel a little like Tom Hanks in Castaway when he finally gets fire.

Wilson was so proud.  I stopped short of ripping off my shirt but Tom pretty much encapsulates how I feel upon FINALLY getting this darn Pack ‘n Play assembled.

If you recall my earlier post the directions were lost, the videos online were useless, and it sat partially put together in the corner for a week.  I felt the shame one can only imagine, upon failing to assemble a child’s play pen.  I had days to let that set in and fester in the depths of my soul.

Though, like the phoenix, I have risen from the ashes of my despair and found a new drive to finally accomplish the feat that had been taunting me daily.  I was prepared to engineer anything necessary to make it work, and I did.  Mostly because I found the directions.  Pack 'n Play Manual

Neatly tucked into a pocket on the side of the mattress pad (who would look there?), where it was all along.  Yes, my son (via his toys) is humbling me before even being born.

So I am happy to say the saga of the Pack ‘n Play has come to a final and successful end.  I very well may climb in there and nap in it myself.  I deserve it.

Pack 'n Play Assembled


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