Fatherhood at its finest…kinda

The First 24 Hours… What Could Go Wrong?



Whining, crying, throwing up, a long sleepless first night, and that was just from the dog.

Blazer in Kitchen

Who me? I didn’t do that.

The first 24 hours home with Baby Wyatt were as eventful as advertised. While we expected a long sleepless night, changing dirty diapers, nursing, and lots of cuddling little Wyatt, what we didn’t expect was for Blazer (our dog) to arrive back home with a tummy problem and decide to show us his dinner repeatedly all over our white rug.  Yes, right next to the easy to clean hardwood.  He chose the much more elegant and nearly impossible to clean white rug to reconsider what he ate.

Somewhere in the land of 2am Wyatt was in need of a consoling, diaper change, food source, all of the above.  When I got up to check on him I rounded the corner of the bed to find the pleasant pool of previously eaten food at my feet.  I nearly stepped in it, but amazingly my brand new parental bodily fluid awareness spidey senses kicked in and stopped me just short.  With Wyatt wailing in the background, the dog just looked at me as if nothing had happened and I was disrupting his attempt to discolor our rug even further.

Bedroom rug stain

Bedroom Rug Stain…after cleaning.

Nursery Rug Stain

Nursery Rug Stain…after cleaning. Orange wasn’t easy to remove.

After two more minor “episodes” Blazer finally retired to bed, satisfied he’d emptied his belly and created just enough of a situation to be content.  As I was regulated to carpet cleaner, Wifey was now up again to help calm Wyatt, feed and change him.  All that in night one.  But it didn’t stop there.

Once we were well rested, I assume this was the case because it was daylight, we started our first full day here at home.  It started well, Wyatt had a fully belly, Blazer had been fed, and coffee was being consumed at a record setting pace.  Somewhere around 11am, it went down the drain.  No.  Wait.  That’s what I wish had happened, instead one of ours backed up.  In the span of about five minutes we had a massive diaper change for Wyatt (who was screaming), Blazer again decided breakfast wasn’t up to his standards and decided to leave it on the brand new rug in the nursery, and the toilet began overflowing its banks sending water cascading over the side like a dam breaching its spill wall.  It was around this time we really began to believe there were hidden cameras in our home and Betty White was about to roll up in her Hoveround and say, “you’re off your rocker!”

Better yet, “Welcome to parenthood!”

Amid all the chaos, everything happening at once, and all the madness, mostly because we’re sleep deprived, it in some weird way was all okay.  Now, don’t get me wrong, we’d like Blazer to be healthy, the toilets to not back up, and Wyatt to sleep, but it in that moment was in some way devoid of reason, enjoyable.

Since those first 24 hours things have settled down.  Wyatt is getting some sleep at night, producing copious dirty diapers, and is more amazing each day.  Blazer was able to get to the vet and get checked out, apparently he was just gassy.  Though, our rugs now have a nice memorial to that day.  The toilet is fixed and so far holding everything back.

This morning we held a family meeting in bed, Wifey, Wyatt, Me, and Blazer where we talked about goals for the day.  We got as far as sort the mail and rest, then promptly fell asleep.  Though we should be well rested to tackle our long list, it’s daylight.


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  1. LOVE this! Hahaha. Well written and well ‘produced’… sounds like you’re a natural at this whole parenting thing! Good luck, Chad!

  2. I am enjoying the documentary as it is a stroll down memory lane of our first days with Giselle (minus dog puke). Just remember you are already fabulous parents and these sometimes exhausting and bizarre memories you will carry forever.


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