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It Happened. We Left Our Little One Behind

We did it.  We left the little one behind.

No, not in his car seat sitting on a shopping cart adrift in a sea of parked cars.  And no, not home alone wondering where those two people who take such good care of me have gone.  No, we bit the bullet, hopped on an airplane, and took a trip without him.

Lets face it, new parents barely have time to breath, let alone take a few moments for themselves.  No matter how cute, cuddly, smiley, lovable your little one is, finding two seconds for you is darn near impossible to come by.  So, when we had the chance, we flew the coup.

Cut to us standing in line to board the airplane when the tears gently started sliding down Wifey’s face amid sniffles of “I’m ok.”  I’m sure everyone thought “geez, she’s either terrified or really excited to be getting on this airplane.”  It was only once we were in our seats and nothing could be done, did we really realize we were about to leave the country without him.  Where are the oxygen masks again?

As new parents, it’s hard to think of a time when you don’t want to be around your new bundle of joy.  Even amid all the crying, pooping, and spitting up, there is joy in each and every little thing they do.  And then there’s that moment when you realize we need a break…and that’s ok to say.

Tropical Paradise

Tropical Paradise

Now we didn’t book a vacation, a retreat, or weekend getaway, it actually more came to us, courtesy of Wifey’s company.  Being one of the top salespeople in the entire country has its perks!  But even with a tropical destination calling our names, actually committing to leaving the little one behind was MUCH harder than we thought.  That’s where our village came to our aide.

After hemming and hawing back and forth over whether we should really leave our 4 month old behind, Grandma, Grandpa, and his Tia’s (Aunt’s) all stepped up and said, “ABSOLUTELY! We’ve got it covered.”  Parents, when you’ve got a team behind you ready to give you a break, DO NOT LET IT PASS BY.  It’s hard, maybe even a little bit painful to walk away (for a few days) from your brand new baby so early in their life, but the payoff and reward for everyone is just that much more amazing.  We got to sit on the beach and drink Mai Tai’s, extended family got to spend time with the newest family member, and he gets used to new things.

Checking in

Checking in mom, everything’s peachy

It’s difficult to accept but the truth is you come to realize the need for a quick little getaway, no matter how far or close you go.  Meeting folks from around the country on our trip, some shared stories of being away from their children for the first time in years!  As in they hadn’t spent one night apart in all that time, leading to anxiety on both sides.  Yes, we had our fair share, but knowing our guy was in great hands and we were getting a chance to spend some quality time together without the crying, sleepless nights, and constant feedings, was priceless.  Not so much for our Mastercard though.  But it taught us a lot about how it’s ok to let go.

Much like exercise, parenting can do your mind and body good, but there’s also the need for rejuvenation and refueling. Basking in some tropical sunshine and subsequently cooling my tender Irish skin under a tiki hut the more we realized what the trip had accomplished for us.  In addition to our first slight hangover in months.

  1. Rest & Recovery
  2. Reconnection
  3. Adult conversation
  4. Fun!

We traveled without our child and lived to tell about it.  More so, we came back more excited than ever to be with our little man.  Because the one thing we learned from all the other parents on our trip, our little man will become a big man in the blink of an eye.  And quite possibly we’ll be just like this mom, “celebrating” the first day of school after summer.  Just saying.  In fact, he’s already on his way, dancing up a storm in his new jumper.


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