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The First 24 Hours… What Could Go Wrong?

September 22, 2013

Whining, crying, throwing up, a long sleepless first night, and that was just from the dog. The first 24 hours home with Baby Wyatt were as eventful as advertised. While we expected a long sleepless night, changing dirty diapers, nursing, and lots of cuddling little Wyatt, what we didn’t expect was for Blazer (our dog)… Read More ›

Pack ‘n Play On!

I have some very important and breaking news! I have assembled the Pack ‘n Play.  Yes, I hear the applause streaming in over the internet.  In fact, I feel a little like Tom Hanks in Castaway when he finally gets fire. Wilson was so proud.  I stopped short of ripping off my shirt but Tom… Read More ›

Stairway To Nursery: The Legend of the Rocker too Big for the Stairway

There are many things I love about owning a nearly century old home. The character, charm, history, fixtures, established neighborhood, to name a few. There are though at times, some things that aren’t so fantastic. For instance, the home is built for a different era when people and things were much much smaller. Moving things… Read More ›

Pack ‘n Play or Just Pack It Up

I am a smart person.  I graduated college, have a career where I have to think on my feet, what and how I say something matters.  I have made it through 33 years of my life with a good head on my shoulders.  I am a smart person. I cannot, however, figure out for the… Read More ›

Kudos to Land of Nod

It’s amazing what good customer service can do.  We ordered our crib from The Land of Nod, thanks to Grandma, for many reasons.  It’s made entirely in the USA, never had a recall (according to our research) and received some of the best reviews in the slew of books and sites we searched.  No doubt, they… Read More ›

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