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Hello World, I’ve Arrived!

Wyatt Delivery

Who knew exhaustion could be this wonderful?  I mean look at these photos, it doesn’t get better than this!  It’s been a long road to get here, but we are home, happy, and thrilled to welcome little Wyatt into our lives!

Wyatt First Pic

As I’ve posted before our little man was due on September 5th, and we overshot that by days.  So much so we were beginning to wonder if he ever was going to make his grand entrance.  While our hospital stay was not exactly what we had planned, it was the perfect example of why your “birth plan” may not always go according to your wishes.  While we had every intention of things running smooth and normal, we quickly found out that wasn’t going to be the case.  Being open minded and aware that things may go DRAMATICALLY different than what you expect can be your best defense against an emotional breakdown.

Our hospital stay ended up being six nights long, WAY more than we expected but in the end we were blessed with the most amazing and wonderful little guy.  Now back at home we’re ready to for things to sink in a bit more.  As one friend put it, “it gets real.”

While we never would have guessed our delivery and stay would take as long as it did, with so many ups and downs, we now get to be back home and start our new lives as one family, one team.

Wyatt Carseat w/ Grandam C Blanket & Hat


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  1. CongratulationsTeam Carter!!
    Welcome sweet Wyatt!

  2. Congratulations, mom and dad! What a blessing!

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