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So excited to share this!!!

Copy of DadsWhoDiaperLogobanner-9 Hey everyone, I have some very exciting news to share with you (at least I think so!) After a year of working on the Chad Becomes Dad site I have expanded and created a brand new website dedicated not just to my experience in fatherhood but now to all dads. My podcast partner Paul & I have launched the brand new website dadswhodiaper.com.  This is a bigger, better, more exciting version of Chad Becomes Dad.  We have worked long and hard for the past few months to get the site up and running and now it’s live! With articles, the podcast, forums, entertainment, and more there is something for everyone.  I particularly hope you’ll check out and participate in our dad forums.  Moms we’d love for you to  join too but we hope it will be a place for dads to feel comfortable asking questions, offer tips, and share the parenting moments you’re experiencing.  You can find a direct link here to register. This has been a long time coming and I couldn’t be more excited!  Chad Becomes Dad has led to some amazing opportunities (our new website), but also I’ll soon be writing for a very (VERY) popular parenting website (details to come.) I want to personally thank you for following, supporting and encouraging me during this time.  My writing and voice will stay the same, but just at a new location, I hope you’ll come and join me at dadswhodiaper.com. Cheers, Chad


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  1. Great idea and the very best of luck with it all. Sometimes O do wonder where are the daddies are. I’d love to hear more about parenting from a dad’s perspective. So I’ll register and probably just hang back and see what everyone is talking about. I’ll certainly tell my husband. He isn’t into blogging, but I think he might enjoy this. 🙂

    • Hi Olivia, thank you so much for the support!
      We noticed the same thing and are excited to start giving dads (and moms) a place to feel comfortable to go as they are more involved in parenting than ever before.
      Any word you can spread, we’d greatly appreciate! I hope your husband likes the site, we always love feedback.

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