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Oh, By The Way, I’m Running A Little Late

Christmas Tree

It’s what I imagine Christmas being like if Santa was running a little late. All decked out in your Christmas onesie, the tree lights on, carols playing in the background, and freshly fallen snow blanketing the yard outside. Everyone gathering around the tree when suddenly you see it, a little note hanging from the bough saying, “sorry folks, Santa’s running late.”

While he hasn’t left a note, Baby has clearly gotten the message across he’s running a little late. As of now, he’s four days “late” and that understandably has mom feeling a little tired, exhausted, and ready for him to make his little appearance.

I remember sitting in the doctors office just a few months into the pregnancy when we were given his due date. You feel this euphoria of excitement and energy about knowing when your baby will finally arrive. Momentarily, completely oblivious to the fact the chances of actually delivering on that date are rather rare. But you don’t care about that right then because the idea of holding baby in your arms voids your mind of anything rational.

“I really don’t like doctors giving a due date. They should give a two week due ‘period’.” Those were some of the first words spoken by the instructor when we attended our baby classes. I liked them then, I really like them now. I understand the concept of a “due date.” I get it. A goal, a target, a place to focus your energy and excitement. Now, I want it to stop. If there’s anything I’ve learned in the last week and a half, a due date is nothing but a place on the calendar to fixate on. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the idea of when baby should arrive but as we’ve learned, he clearly is in charge and no calendar is going to change that.

When you erase the idea of a specific date, you open yourself up to the reality they’re in charge and in safe hands…or belly. When you hit that 38 week mark you, according to the doctors, are full term. Giving birth any time after that is safe and healthy for the baby. That means a week early, to a week late, you are perfectly within the average range for delivery. But when you focus on a specific date, your mind plays tricks on you and each day “late” is a tougher battle. So choose a two week period around the date, find a treat to celebrate each day and know for sure baby will join you sometime in that window.

No matter when he arrives, we can’t wait. The joy, excitement, and adventure is worth every second of the wait. It’s just hard when you know there’s a present on the way, you just can’t wait to unwrap it.


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