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Stairway To Nursery: The Legend of the Rocker too Big for the Stairway

There are many things I love about owning a nearly century old home. The character, charm, history, fixtures, established neighborhood, to name a few. There are though at times, some things that aren’t so fantastic. For instance, the home is built for a different era when people and things were much much smaller. Moving things between floors of the house is more than challenging.

In our binge of buying for baby, we ordered a beautiful new rocker where I’m sure he’ll spend many hours getting a good meal at all hours of the day and night. In our excitement and shoppers high of seeing the perfect chair for the nursery, all thought and reason went out the window, such as…will it fit?


You can see our staircase to the left, the doorway is kinda like me tall and slender. When the wonderfully nice delivery guys arrived with said rocker, they politely asked me where to take it. When I pointed at the stairway and upstairs to the nursery, without skipping a beat the driver looked at me and said, “bro, I don’t think it’s gonna fit.” Truer words have never been spoken.

In our infinite wisdom we never bothered to measure and see if the chair would fit up the stairs. House: 1, Parents: 0 Yes, we are about to be entrusted with a newborn. After a few minutes trying to do my best geometry (which answered if I’d have a


second career as a mathematician) I was politely informed they needed to move onto their next stop and was asked to sign the delivery sheet. I’m pretty sure they drove away in the cab of their truck wishing to be a fly on the wall as I tried to get that chair upstairs and no doubt laughing at me…politely of course.

Though I am the man who was able to assemble 80% of a Pack ‘n Play, so clearly I was convinced the chair could fit. After removing the legs and the railing from the stairs, and sweet talking my next door neighbor to come help.

Rocker w/ Legs

Rocker w/out Legs

We pulled off a feat that will withstand the lore of this home. In one step short of greasing the door frame we

Stairs w/out Railing

were able to finesse the chair through the doorway, up the stairs and finally after yelling at it to suck it in, into the nursery.

So now we are the proud new owners of a rocker that nearly never made it to the nursery. This is a story I’ll share with my son when he’s old enough to teach him about perseverance and never giving up. I’m pretty sure this is what Vince Lombardi meant when he said, “Winners never quit, and quitters never win.” That’s right, I won house! Well, actually I brought us back to a tie. In this case, I’ll take it.

Rocker Reassembly

Now when baby begs for a 3am feeding, mom will have a wonderful, charming, comfy rocker to fall into and relax in. Plus, the rug really pulls the room together.

Rocker Done


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