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July 1, 2014

Hey everyone, I have some very exciting news to share with you (at least I think so!) After a year of working on the Chad Becomes Dad site I have expanded and created a brand new website dedicated not just to my experience in fatherhood but now to all dads. My podcast partner Paul &… Read More ›

“Two New Dads” Podcast: Episode 6

  This week we talk trips to the emergency room, long distance car ride strategies, emergency snacks on hand, and talk the importance of reading to baby, with a fantastic interview from SMART (Start Making A Reader Today).  Make sure you visit their website for great reading tips and activities to play with your child… Read More ›

Our Favorite Parenting Apps

Here’s a look at our favorite apps for baby and you.  Download and see how they work.  You’ll be glad you did.     PBS Kids https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pbs-kids-video/id435138734?mt=8 Baby Connect https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/baby-connect-activity-logger/id326574411?mt=8 Laugh & Learn Shapes & Colors Music Show for Baby https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/laugh-learn-shapes-colors/id490650819?mt=8 A to Z Music Videos from ABCmouse.com https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/to-z-music-videos-from-abcmouse.com/id586100697?mt=8 Baby Monitor Free https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/baby-monitor-free/id543379920?mt=8 What to… Read More ›

10 Most Common Baby First Words

One of the greatest moments as a parent is hearing your child speak for the first time. The reward for hours and hours of pointing to the cat and saying “Kitty,” reading them books about llamas at night, and even accidently saying a swear word; followed by the promise not to do that in front… Read More ›

“Two New Dads” Podcast: Episode 5

  We’re back with another episode of the “Two New Dads” podcast!  This week we talk Toddler Fight Club, follow up on our recent road trip with baby and where we ultimately decided to set up the Pack n’ Play while sharing the same hotel room.  Also, we discuss what to stock in your medicine… Read More ›

Cozy Classics Children’s Books

My wonderful friend Sara over at Novel Novice just told me about the “Cozy Classics” book series today.  With our little guy loving to sit down and read books with mom and dad, surprisingly I hadn’t heard about this series.  I’m so glad that’s changed. The Cozy Classics, are just that.  Classic books like Pride & Prejudice,… Read More ›

Baby Medicine Kit – Where to start

We have surpassed 9 months!  It feels like we should throw a little victory party.  Our son is alive, healthy, happy, and ready to count down to his first birthday. Though it doesn’t mean there haven’t been some trying times.  Like right now, we’re battling the mouth monster that is teething.  This, like most parents,… Read More ›

“Two New Dads” Podcast: Episode 4

Like the overstuffed 50 pound suitcase for a 19 pound baby, the “Two New Dads” podcast is stocked full of good things this week. We briefly discuss the craziness of a new TV show “Born in the Wild” where pregnant women give birth in the woods.  Yes, you read that right.  We also break down… Read More ›

Protecting Baby From Germs, What’s Too Far?

There are few concerns first time parents have more worrisome than keeping your child healthy.  They are brand new to this world, don’t have an established immune system, and like to shove everything they can find into their mouths.  Everything. Whether or not you consider yourself a germaphobe there is no shortage of baby products… Read More ›

“Two New Dads” Podcast: Episode 3

So Father’s Day is just around the corner, what’s your gift preference?  Tie, socks, gift cards, time with the family?  The “Two New Dads” debate gift ideas and the pressure to deliver on holidays.  Hint: Paul once gave his wife Skittles.  Hear the story behind it and whether he was in the doghouse. Also, sunny warmer… Read More ›

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